Chinese gambling superstitions and taboos

Chinese New Year Taboos - Spring Festival is a time of celebration. There are a lot of traditions of festivities for this special occasion, stemming from ancient times, as well as rules and restrictions. Many people today may not believe the taboos attached to the festival, but these customs are still kept, with the hope for a happy and lucky new year.

While listening to these superstitions, I began to think of superstitions that my mother would tell me about as a child. As a kid, I half believed these superstitions and found a few of them to be interesting. Today, I am going to share some of these taboos and superstitions Chinese people have. Chinese Superstitions EXPLAINED! - China History - YouTube Superstitions, every culture has them all of them are crazy. Today we are looking at the top 5 Chinese Superstitions and old wives tales. Why top 5? Chinese Gambling Superstitions - Gambling news on LCB Gambling and superstitions tend to go hand in hand and the Chinese culture has their own set of beliefs that will render good and bad luck. In fact the Chinese are considered one of the most superstitious societies in the world. Chinese Pregnancy Superstitions and Taboos | A Diary for ... Chinese Pregnancy Superstitions and Taboos Label me superstitious but when it comes to pregnancy, I found myself being extra wary of superstitions and taboos even after my first child was born. Lots of people say I’m old fashioned, that these old-wives tales are bogus and cause you unnecessary worries.

According to Chinese New Year superstitions and taboos, people should avoid unlucky words, haircut, scissors, needle work, medicines, hospital, crying, borrowing ...

Sailors' superstitions - Wikipedia Sailors' superstitions have been superstitions particular to sailors or mariners, and which .... On boats and ships where whistling was taboo, the cook was usually ..... of 39 · Jin Chan · Numbers in Chinese culture · Superstitions of Malaysian Chinese ... Flying Dutchman · Four Eleven Forty Four · Gambler's conceit · Good luck ... What are all the superstitions that surround the Chinese New Year ... Not intended to be a complete list, just what I can think of. Followed almost universally by all: * Clean the house before New Year. You don't ... Unlocking the World of Chinese Gambling – GGB Magazine 9 Sep 2009 ... To examine Chinese gambling would require us to look beyond Chinese ... Chinese people's unique form of superstition on lucky/unlucky objects, feng ... Yet , it is considered a taboo when practiced/performed excessively. 13 Superstitions That Still Scare the Bejesus Out of Us | HuffPost

Chinese New Year Taboos and superstitions

Below is a list outlining just some of Chinese gambling superstitions and taboos. While many young Chinese today may no longer believe in these do and don’t as they are more studying on professional winning tip, they are still being … Learn Mandarin Chinese – All Chinese Lessons

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Numbers 4, 13 and 14 are often left out chinese some Chinese superstitions, and in chinese, many numbered product lines fascinating the number 4. In a casino whatever represents a 4 is taboos avoiding if you want Lady Luck to beam down her fortunes on you. 8 Chinese Gambling Superstitions | Gambling News Learn the Feng Shui Do's and Don'ts of Gambling - Feng Known by the world, the Chinese are a superstitious group of people and there is always a lot of Feng Shui or rather superstitious thinking and behaviour that have become parts of the Chinese culture that is believed to boost your luck during gambling. Under-mentioned is a list of Chinese gambling superstitions and taboos for your reference. 1. 8 Chinese Gambling Superstitions | Gambling News Mar 12, 2014 · Chinese gambling superstitions are a real thing, especially for, well, the Chinese, considered one of the most superstitious people in the world. And there’s really nothing wrong that. On …

Top Taboos and Superstitions in Hong Kong. ... Check out our list of common taboos and superstitions. ... The Chinese language’s old friend, ...

Chinese culture has all kinds of chinese gambling superstitions, and some have already spread to other parts of the world. Below there are some example on chinese gambling superstitions :-CHINESE GAMBLING SUPERSTITIONS. 1)Wearing red – Red represents the luckiest color in Chinese culture and attracts big wins and good fortune at the casino.

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