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Meaning of Expansion slot: (computer) a socket in a microcomputer that will accept a plug-in circuit board; the PC had three slots for additional memory. What are expansion slots? | Find Definitions

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Oct 23, 2017 ... The major slots present in a motherboard are: AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect), and RAM (Randon ... 5 Expansion Cards to Enhance You PC - Overstock.com ... one or more expansion card slots which you can use to add new functions, special ... In order to play advanced PC games, run high-definition movies, or use ... 5 Expansion Cards to Enhance You PC - Overstock.com

Jan 9, 2017 ... Definition ... The Peripheral Component Interconnect expansion slot is the most ... Chips and circuits that support basic computer functions ...

Expansion slot definition is - a socket on the motherboard of a computer into which an expansion card may be inserted. EXPANSION SLOT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

A connector in a computer into which an {expansion card} can be plugged. The connector supplies power to the card and connects it to the data bus, address bus and control signals of the motherboard.

16 Dec 2018 ... An expansion slot is a port on a motherboard that accepts an expansion ... There have been several types of expansion slots over the years, ...

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The Peripheral Component Interconnect or PCI is a computer bus designed by Intel. The PCI bus serves as a connection between your computer's motherboard  ... The Types of PC Expansion Slots - dummies You can expand your PC internally by adding additional circuitry boards. Those boards, or expansion cards, plug directly into expansion slots on the ... Motherboard Expansion Slots: Types and Uses - Bright Hub Since newer motherboards still tend to come with PCI slots for compatibility, PCI cards will function on most computers. In contrast, PCI Express cards will only ...

e3381_p5b-se | Bios | Computer Data Storage Manual for ASUS P5B-SE motherboard. by 0000000000000-433089 P4M890T-M _v2.0 | Bios | Digital Electronics Expansion slots are a means of adding or enhancing the motherboard’s features and capabilities. you may have to manually configure the card before installation. JavaScript syntax - Wikipedia Function statements, whose effect is to declare a variable of type Function and assign a value to it, are similar to variable statements, but in addition to hoisting the declaration, they also hoist the assignment – as if the entire … Chapter 6: Generic Functions and Methods | CLOS MOP